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Merlot/Vango Roll Tarps are available in 2 styles. 
The standard Roll Tarp
The Mer-Lock strapless Roll Tarp

Roll Tarps



A Quick, Safe and Efficient Tarping System

Merlot/Vango Side to Side Roll Tarp SystemMerlot/Vango listened to dump operators when we engineered our side to side roll tarp system. They wanted strength, simplicity, savings, and safety along with fast opening and fast closing. Merlot/Vango delivered with all of these and more.


All hardware for Merlot/Vango roll tarps are lightweight, strong and rust-free aluminum to maintain its sharp appearance. The design eliminates the need for rivets which eventually weaken and break causing the tarp to roll improperly. The design allows for easy repair or removal of the pipe or to replace a tension strap or cable tie down without removing the pipe. The straps tension from the pipe not from the tarp.

Side to Side Roll Tarp Features


Merlot/Vango's master craftsmen custom make each tarp to fit your dump trailer like a glove. Only the highest quality vinyl is used to make Merlot/Vango's Roll Tarps.



Our unique roll pipe design allows for easy removal of the pipe when repairing the tarp. It also allows for easy replacement of the tension straps.


Only 7/8" solid aluminum rod is used to make the bows for our side to side roll tarps.

We Listened to Operators
We back this up with a warranty no other manufacturer can match. All 18 or 22 ounce Vinyl coated nylon roll tarps are waterproof to keep your load dry. Merlot/Vango's Master craftsmen, along with a computerized automated tarp cutting and measuring system make each individual tarp to the trailer manufacturers specifications. The fast opening and closing cuts loading time allowing for more loads per day and keeps the driver safely on the ground. The system operates simply from the ground with no need to climb the box and wrestle with the tarp. The driver opens the ratchets, inserts the crank and is open in seconds. The fast closing is also a great feature. Pull the pipe, secure the ratchets and straps then HIT THE ROAD.





Inventor and Patent Holder

Protected by US Patents # 5,026,109; #5,080,423; #7,210,726 B2 and Canadian Patent #2,026,344


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