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Side Kits



Merlot/Vango Sidekit Features


Merlot/Vango does not stockpile sidekit tarps. Each tarp is custom made by our master craftsman using the highest quality vinyl.



We developed and designed our own stake extrusion to fit any manufacturers stake pocket. We have the strongest stakes in the industry.


Merlot/Vango custom designs bows from 7/8" aluminum rod. You decide the arch from 10" to 36".



Durable lightweight fluted panels bordered with a tough aluminum frame weigh only 11 pounds each.

Merlot/Vango's service and delivery are second to none. For your next sidekit order call Merlot/Vango at 1-800-443-TARP.
Available Lightweight Sidekit Panels

Our durable, lightweight panels odor and stain resistant, so they will never need to be painted. The panels weigh only ten pounds apiece. Compare that to other twenty five pound plywood panels - you can feel the difference!


Merlot/Vango's lightweight sidekit system is the ultimate maintenance-free lightweight sidekit. Choose from a variety of available colors.





Inventor and Patent Holder

Protected by US Patents # 5,026,109; #5,080,423; #7,210,726 B2 and Canadian Patent #2,026,344


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