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      "Inventor and Patent holder of Panelized Tarping Systems"      

 Merlot Vango Tarping Solutions 

About Merlot Vango


Since 1960, Merlot/Vango has built a solid reputation for constructing innovative tarping systems from only the highest quality materials. Merlot/Vango is a leader in today's tarpaulin industry, meeting the needs of its customers in both quality and customer satisfaction. From their main facility in Pittsburgh, PA, Merlot/Vango supplies its national distributors and stock warehouses with only superior tarpaulin products.

Transform your flatbed into a van
... with the Vango 21!

Rolling tarp systems have replaced side kits as the preferred method for covering flatbed freight. The Vango from Merlot/Vango is fast becoming the #1 rolling tarp system on the market today. The Vango has earned the reputation as the most durable and easy-to-operate rolling tarp system on America's highways.


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