Now Tarping Your Dump Body is Easy as 123!
Merlot/Vango Arm Tarp Features


The Arm Tarp system is powered by a tough 1.6 horsepower direct drive gear. The gearbox is lubricated and sealed for life.


The springs are protected from the elements in polished aluminum castings.


The extruded aluminum arms are lightweight yet strong enough for any application.

Tarp Your Load with the Flick of a Switch!


The Merlot/Vango Arm Tarp model 795 is a safe, efficient and economical way to tarp your dump body. Compare our quality features with other systems and see the difference. Also compare our price, you will be surprised how economical the model 795 is. Save time and money with the Merlot/Vango Arm Tarp Model 795.

Tarp Your Load with the Flick of a Switch!

All systems are electrically operated by a switch inside the cab.

Save valuable time. Reduce workman's compensation costs.

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